After 30 years of practicing as a doctor. I have realised that we as doctors are primarily thought to treat only human body aspect of the human being.  Medical colleges do not educate doctors about the being part, i.e. how to tackle stress and mind. Hence, the preventive cardiology at Heal Thy Heart Clinic. I help patients prevent their potential or current cardiac condition by not just guiding them with human or physiological symptoms but also by guiding the being part or mindfulness of oneself.


Preventive cardiology is the treatment that one can take to prevent Heart disease.Heart disease is considered an incurable disease which adversely affects the remainder of life . A patient who is suffering from heart disease has to take proper medication, visit his cardiologist regularly, for the rest of his life. These diseases are because of faulty lifestyle. This faulty lifestyle can be at the physical level (Human level) or at physiological level (Being level). Hence, once should try to prevent heart ailments from arising.

What are the risk factors of heart disease?

There are certain risk factors, which are the primary reasons causing heart disease. These are, Hypertension, High Blood pressure. Diabetes Miletus, Obesity, smoking, lack of exercise high cholesterol. Patients showing these risk factors are 2-3 times more prone to suffering from coronary artery blockage than patients without these key risk factors. Hence, by taking proper precautions to manage these risk factors, one can significantly reduce the changes of suffering from heart attack.

Also, if someonehas a family history of the above-mentioned risk factors. He/she is can also be prone to heart disease. Hence, it’s important that one starts taking precautions as early as possible.

Personality also plays a critical role in the occurrence of heart ailments. People with type A personality are ambitious, aggressive, agitative, who want fast success on life, time conscious, live a stressful life. These kinds of people have a higher chance of heart problems as compared to type B personality people. Type B personality people are calm & relaxed.

Another critical risk factor is an agitated and stressed mind, as you might have guessed people with the said risk factors generally have certain level of repeated level of stress &negative thoughts controlling their behaviourand lifestyle.

What precautions must one take?

  • Taking the following precautions, one can postpone heart attack from occurring.
  • One must control his diabetes, maintaining blood pressure.Going for Regular exercise. avoid smoking.
  • Controlling once diet by limiting high cholesterol diet and switching to healthier options, high fibre diet like fruits, pulses.
  • People with hereditary risk factors must start taking precautions as early as possible, in life.
  • People with type A personality need to control the stress and work to switching to a healthier lifestyle.