Echocardiography can also be called as Sonography of the heart.
Is the test by which we can see the heart on the sonography machine. Its just like a sonography machine and by putting the probe on the chest the sound waves which are generated by a probe which are directed towards the heart. These sound waves are reflected back by the heart and the reflected sound is recorded by the same probe. Using the reflected sound, the USG machine generates a dynamic image of heart motion. Thus, echocardiography allows us to see the heart movements.

For an accurate Echo-cardiography report Its always important to consult a Senior Cardiologist.

Echocardiography is done to check various heart parameters like.

  • The heart size.
  • If the heart is enlarged.
  • If Heart muscle have thickened.
  • the heart is pumping is normal or irregular.
  • If there is a heart attack.
  • If there is a problem in the heart valve, if the valve is tight or if there is leakage.
  • Is there any fluid collection surrounding the heart, also called pericardial effusion.
  • If there is any congenital heart disease like hole in the heart, AHD, VHD or PDA.
  • Check for complex congenital Cyanotic heart diseases where there is mixing of the impure blood with the pure blood.
  • Diagnose heart attack. We can find out if the heart attack is on the anterior or posterior or lower part of the heart. Ecocardiography.
  • Pin point the actual location of the heart attack.
  • Diagnose the severity of the heart attack.
  • Check if there is any clot in the heart chamber.
  • Any infection in the heart wall.

These are some of the information that we can get from an Echocardiography.

Frequently Asked Question about Echocardiography in Navi Mumbai

When and Who should undergo for Echocardiography?
Echocardiography is generally advisedif the treating cardiologist/doctor suspects any heart complication in the patient.

Who does the Echocardiography?
Echocardiography is done by a cardiologist.

How much time does Echocardiography take?
It takes about 10-15 minutes time to do the whole test.

What preparation should be done before Echocardiography?
No pre-test preparation is required for Echocardiography. Patient can walkin to the test room and within 10 minutes

What Colour doppler Echocardiography?
Colour doppler echocardiography is an enhanced test of the echocardiography.  This allows to see the blood flow through the heart, which is not possible in the general echo. With colour doppler we can identify if & where there is any hole, va/lve leakage, identify the gradient of the valve.

What is the cost of Echocardiography?
The cost can vary between Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000

Where should you do Echocardiography in Vashi, Navi Mumbai?
Echocardiography in Vashi can be performed by Dr. Ratn Rathod at MGM Hospital should