Heart attack occurs when the coronary artery is 100% block. This coronary artery blockage occurs due cholesterol deposition within the coronary artery wall. As the deposition increases the lumen becomes narrower. There is no method to remove this cholesterol either by surgery or angioplasty. In angioplasty we compress that cholesterol i.e the cholesterol is not removed but spread in the wall. Ina bypass surgery an extra channel beyond the block is introduced hence so called.


So the question is how do we remove this block. Well, we can do so ourselves, we have the power to remove our blockage. This was proved by Dr. Dean Ornish. He proved that by taking a vegetarian diet, exercise, self-realisation technique and meditation we can open the coronary artery blockage. Another big trial by BramhaKumaris, Mount Abu in collaboration with DRDO started a program in 1998. They have given patients vegetarian diet, low fat diet, high fibre diet, fruits two times, brisk exercise and the meditation. They made two groups, one group given only healthy diet and exercise while the other group was given diet, exercise and rajyog meditation. They keep patient there for 7 days and teach them how to live healthy i.e heal thy self. i.e to remain in soul conscious state and can eventually lower your cholesterol level. They have demonstrated that patients condition has improved, their dependence on medicine has reduced, heart pumping capacity has improved. Their coronary heart blocks have opened by 10% in a span of 2 years, as seen in the angiography. The same was reported in Indian heart journal.

Comprehensive Coronary Regression Program Class:

1 full dayMaster class which includes a holistic overview of all aspects of heart and how by changing subtle changes in one’s lifestyle we can prevent heart disease and if followed diligently can even help patients reverse theircoronary blockage.

The Master class in a snapshot:

  • 1. Important information regarding your anatomical, physiological, psychological, spiritual aspect of Human body and heart.
  • Diet to be followed to health thyself.
  • Meditation to improve self-realisation .
  • How to get a sound sleep and reduce risk of heart diseases.
  • How to improve one’s Self-realisation and self-empowerment .