Today, most of the cardiac ailments occur due to a stressful mind and the consequent side effects on the Human body. We at Heal thy heart clinic help patients heal not just their body(human) state but also their Mind/Soul state by providing the knowledge to heal your soul which involves self-realisation followed self- empowerment. Dr.Ratan Rathod is one of doctors in India who use this concept of treating cardiac patients to live a healthy lifestyle.

Why Heal Thy heart?

Healthy is formed by two words Heal  & Thy. “Heal” well means to heal/cure while “thy” means yourself. So if you heal yourself you will be healthy. In Hindi we say “Swastha” it is again the combination of two letters “swa” and “astha”. Swa means self while asthaa means position/state if you are in a self-aware state you remain swasta. When you heal yourself you become healthy.Hence, the important question is who is myself. We say we are human being. Human is a letter derived from latin word Humus which means soil. While Being is a state of energy. As long as there is energy in the body we are alive, we can talk,walk, listen, eat, etc and the energy that drives this is called Soul. Consequently, the Human Being is a combination of soul and body.

None of the medical sciences teach about the being part. Medical Science only treats the human part and not the being part. Unless the Human and the being are treated a person will not get the complete treatment. To be healthy one has to heal-thy or heal ones-soul or heal your Self State.

There have been various trials where people have treated the Human and Being aspect with surprising results not seen before in cardia patient.

The being part has three component Mind, intellect and personality trait. Mind is part of the soul and most of the diseases to begin with start in the mind first and then it goes to the organs. Soif you tackle the disease at the mind level you can prevent the disease. Today we only treat the body part by treating the symptoms shown by the body, we take care only for the diet, exercise and medicine.

But what about the being part or the mind? Mind is ones biggest enemy if controlled by negative thoughts. Negative thoughts generate negative hormones in the body while positive thoughts generate happy hormones. It has been proved now that negative thoughts generate bad hormone like adrenaline, noradrenaline, corticosteroids which directly influence high Blood pressure, increase pulse rate. Spasm of the coronary arteries, clot formation, affecting peacefulness of the mind. While positive thoughts generate happy hormones like endorphins&enkephalins. Hence, just by thinking positive or negative thoughts one can control the state of his/her health.

So to be truly healthy and see positive results in your treatment its important for one to heal both the human and the being part. People have tried this in heart attack patients, where they could reverse the blockage in the coronary artery. By treating both the aspects of the human being we can do the natural bypass you can open your arteries but by treating only the Human aspect the results are partial. However, if you treat both the human and the being part you can get complete result.